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Resource Library

HealthForce Kentucky has a large inventory of equipment and advanced teaching tools that can be checked out by educators in our 16-county footprint.

These videos are to help educators and healthcare partners know what is in our equipment library and how they might incorporate the training tools into their classes. If you work with K-12, post-secondary or post-licensure learners within our footprint, you will likely qualify to check out equipment. View a comprehensive list of available equipment and submit a request for equipment.

Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death. In an emergency choking situation – are you and your students prepared? This adult torso is used to teach and practice the lifesaving technique known as the Heimlich Abdominal Thrust Maneuver, and allows students to train with simulated food boluses (blockages) they must remove from the airway with proper technique.

The wearable vests allow a learner to administer abdominal trusts on themselves. Both devices reinforce proper hand placement and quick thrusting movements.

Appropriate for all age groups.

Vivian represents a highly accurate Lifecast 82-year-old female featuring fine details like the replication of veins and underlying structures as well as airway and articulated mouth for airway management.

Vivian is appropriate for all age groups, but wound assessments and wound care are for more advance high school pathways/post-secondary learners.

Appropriate for healthcare focused classes and above.

Gwen is designed to give clinical practitioners realistic training on individuals with Down Syndrome and opens the doors to discuss special care considerations for people with complex health issues. Gwen’s life-like face and features illicit an emotional connection, helping prepare practitioners not only for the things they will see and do when working with patients – but for what they may feel.

Gwen is appropriate for all age levels.

SAM4 is a male torso task trainer that produces a variety of heart and breath sounds. These include 37 heart sounds, 11 heart & lung combinations, 26 lung sounds, 9 bowel sounds and 6 bruit sounds. The simulator can be controlled via Bluetooth, with a smartphone or tablet. Students can use their personal stethoscopes to listen to Sam4’s auscultation sounds or the sounds can be piped through a room speaker system.

Appropriate for health career pathway learners and above.

In our maker’s space, our staff can create a variety of wounds for wound care practice, as well as replacements for highly utilized consumables and wound packing trainers.

Our maker’s space/wound care kits are designed for health pathway classes and above. A 6-week notice is required for most custom requests.

Cricothyrotomy is a procedure to establish a surgical airway by making an incision in the cricothyroid membrane. This is one of several cricothyrotomy trainers in the fleet.

Appropriate for those being trained in or holding a certificate that permits this advanced skill in their scope of practice.

These advanced trauma manikins are used for realistic trauma training. They represent a wide variety of graphic injuries and teach care, the appropriateness of packaging, and injury patterns that go along with specific types of blunt force and penetrating trauma.

Appropriate for post-secondary and above.

This manikin is for advanced skills including needle decompression, finger thoracotomy and chest tube insertion. This device also has a 3D illustrated and narrated teaching modules included on an iPad provided with the trainer.

This tool is appropriate for post-secondary and above learning or refreshing in these skills under their scope of practice.

PROMPT Flex is ideal for addressing high risk, low frequency events in labor and delivery and reducing complications. The versatile and modular design provide the user with a comprehensive experience in all stages of birth and complexity.

Suited for all learners in both professional education and healthcare providers.